Black Rockfish, Slant Rock, Cape Flattery

Butterfly Crab, San Juan Islands

Crescent Gunnel, Redondo Beach, Puget Sound

Taylor's Sea Hare, Alki Beach, Puget Sound

Stubby Squid, Redondo Beach, Puget Sound

Bering Hermit, Long Island, San Juan Islands

Sea Whip, Flagpole, Hood Canal

Blue Heron, Long Island, San Juan Islands

Orcas, Strait of Juan De Juca, San Juan Islands

Shiner Perch, KVI Tower Reef, Puget Sound


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Over 100 customized composite images commemorating  diving adventures in the Salish Sea  and around the world, including the Red Sea.
Species Identification

Imagery and descriptions of more than 500 species of fish, invertebrates, birds, and mammals found in or on PNW waters and shorelines.
Species Galleries

Extensive library of +5000 images catalogued on-line of Salish Sea marine life, organized by family.  Slideshow and thumbnail presentation.
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Location and description of the best 44 boat and shore dives in Washington state - including Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and Cape Flattery.
Tropical Galleries

Stay warm with tropical imagery from the Red Sea, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.  Green sea turtles, sharks, and tropical fish rue the day!
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Dive with Puget Sound sixgill sharks, tiger and lemon sharks in the Bahamas, giant mantas in the Socorros, and steller sea lions off Vancouver Island.

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